Green Sands at Localfest 3.0

Just a few weeks ago we propose an idea to held a fun workshop during Localfest 3.0; a local creative festival targeting youngsters in Jakarta. The basic idea was simple: to share something fun.

After a few thought we proposed to conduct a simple sharing session and workshop about making magic through Vine video, and we asked the right person to do it; our friend TB Putera. A creative worker and a man with unpredictable fun idea.

By the time we approached him, he was a guy with awesome video with less than a thousands followers on Instagram. But now he’s followed by almost fourty thousands instagramers, after 9gagtv posted on of his video.

The workshop itself was a success, we have around 50 people sitting and almost 100 people curiously watching to find out some simple magic trick. After the workshop, TB was approached by a smartphone brand representative and someone from a massive knowledge sharing website.

We’re happy to be involved in one of his career milestone as a Vine’s Magician. We believe that this his first workshop won’t be his last.




TB Putera sharing some tips after the actual workshop.



she was one of the winner. and by the way, we draw that funny looking dog.


here are some Vine video from the workshop.

This is a simple trick video, made during a workshop. It looks so easy, but still you need some dedication to do it.
and this is the video he made to promote the workshop

and bellow is a video from one of the workshop attendee.

It was a fun day to share stories. 🙂

Thank you for Hyperreal Movement and Green Sands for believe in us.